Carrier tapes

The standard carrier tape is used for the save packaging (taping & reeling) of surface mount devices. Through taping & reeling, the components are easily and effective to process onto the pick & place machines. Carrier tape is suitable for electronic components requiring ESD protective packaging and also for passive components as springs, shields, etc.. For packaging of DIE’s we offer a special carrier tape which has sharp high precise featured pocket designs.

Base material
Various materials availlable.
- Black, conductive with a surface resistivity of < 107 Ω/sq., and clear materials made of PS. PET, PC...

Cover tape compatibility
All carrier tapes delivered from us are compatible with our cover tapes.

Available carrier tape widths
The standard carrier tape is in widths from 8 mm – 200 mm available.

Available formats / sizes
The carrier tape could be delivered in different formats, i.e. onto 22“ cardboard reels, onto 13” or 15” Klik Reels or onto different crosswind reels. Special customer specific tapes will be delivered in optimized lengths.

Storage conditions
We recommend to store the standard carrier tape indoors away from direct sunlight within a temperature range of 18º to 35º C (64º to 95º F) and relative humidity levels between 35% – 65%. The crosswind reels should be stored upright.

Shelf life
The standard carrier tape has min. a shelf life of 2 years when stored under recommended storage conditions.

All products come with a one year limited warranty.

Other products and services available

We offer a complete range of all materials necessary for taping & reeling operations, including carrier tapes, KLIK REEL’s, cover tapes, humidity indicator cards, shielding bags, desiccant and all other packaging materials you need for ESD protective packaging of your products.

Also available is our full potential in the service area; taping & reeling and inspection of SMD components, Device Programming, Laser Marking, components preparations, means cutting and bending and axial and radial taping of components.

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