KLIK Reels

Product description 13” (330 mm) and 15” (380 mm) KLIK Reels
Our Klik Reels are durable, very robust reels which are manufactured of high impact polystyrene and permanently electrically conductive (antistatic). An ideal combination of packaging stability and maximum protection of the components. Our Klik Reels comply with DIN EN IEC 60286-3.


Base material / surface resisistivity

Permanently dissipative Klik Reels: High impact polystyrene with integrated masterbatch ensure a surface resistance of <1011 Ohm/sq. Our Klik Reels meet the demands of DIN EN 61340-5-3.
We also manufacture heat resistant (up to 130°C) and conductive Klik Reels.


Colour and Shape
The Klik Reels are available in black and with 6 recesses, which enable an easy visual inspection and handling but still provide enough space for labels.


Environmentally friendly and space saving design enables less transport costs and storage space

The unique inter-stacking design of our Klik Reels allows to create a high density storage, which is compared to assembled take up reels up to 80% space saving. This efficient design allows to minimize costs for transport and storage.


Reel diameter
Our Klik Reels are available in 13” (330mm) or 15” (380mm) outer diameters and for all carrier tape widths from 8 mm to 88 mm. On request up to 200 mm width with Reel extensions possible.


Hub diameter
Klik Reels of 8 – 56 mm widths are available with an inner diameter (hub) of 100 mm the Klik Reels of 32 – 88 mm widths are available with an inner diameter of 150 mm.


Package units/ Quantities
In general 50 Klik Reel halves per package unit.


Our Klik Reels become simply clicked together with two equal halves in opposite directions to get the desired carrier tape width. The closures are created in such a way that a wrong assemble is not possible.

Data sheet Klik Reels

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